Green Mountain Coffee: Bzz Agent Review

Friday, November 2, 2012

I was very excited to receive this BZZ Kit, because I have been a lover of coffee for years. I have always seen Green Mountain Coffee at the grocery store, but never picked it up, because I always reached for my Starbucks breakfast blend.

What a sweet surprise when I brewed the first pot of my Green Mountain Coffee! I enjoy my coffee black so I can really enjoy the flavor of the coffee itself. The roast that I was sent to me was their house blend. It was super smooth with a slightly acidic taste, which I find bright and refreshing. I was so shocked how good this coffee actually was!

One of my favorite things about this coffee is that it is organic, so you are getting all the nice antioxidants that coffee has to offer. Another amazing feature of this brand of coffee is that they are Fair Trade Certified.  What is fair trade you ask?  It is basically a relationship of trust and respect that provides equality to farmers, workers, and producers. Here are some points from the BZZ Guide about fair trade:
  • Helps farmers get a fair price for their beans
  • Improves working conditions
  • Assists in protecting the environment
  • Supports community development with projects resulting in new schools, roads, health clinics and safer drinking water
So not only are you helping your taste buds and health, you are making a change in the environment and economy.

Next time you go to the grocery store do not pass up this coffee! You will not regret trading out your traditional cup of joe for this tasty stuff. It has an average price point of 5.99 to 7.99, so you wont be giving an arm and a leg for your next cup of coffee. Green Mountain Coffee roasts are also available in K- Cups.

Check out their website and "like" their Facebook page for more information:

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