Urban Decay Smoked Palette Swatches and Review

Friday, November 9, 2012

First off, I have to say how much I love the Smoked Palette packaging. The zipper is very heavy duty, never gets stuck, and the outer packaging is a nice soft fabric. So now lets get on to the actual content haha! The colors are so beautiful and are smooth in texture.  There is very minimal fall out, but because these shadows are so pigmented, there is some.
The palette comes with ten eyeshadows, a full size 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion, and a mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the original formula.


I love how UD incorporated the beautiful jewel toned shadows on the bottom row! They are perfect for a smokey eye with a pop of wearable color.

Swatches from LEFT to RIGHT are: Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout, Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt, and Perversion 24/7 eyeliner

My wonderful husband was kind enough to lend me his arm for swatches. It is hard to do swatches when you have tattoos on your arms. Plus, I thought you guys would like something a little sexy on here:)
Kinky is his EXACT skin color so it is very hard to see, but it is a beautiful creamy matte skin tone color.
I really hope you guys go check this palette out. It was a last minute decision to purchase this at the VIB sale...and I am so glad I picked it up. It is seriously my favorite palette of all time!!! I have on kinky, mushroom, backdoor, and loaded topped off with perversion eyeliner in the video below.

Urban Decay Smoked Palette TUTORIAL:

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  1. i just got this palette too! i need to try it out ;) haha


    1. OHHHHH yes you do! I honestly can't believe how much I love it! I thought it was gonna be just so so. BUT IT IS SO SO NOT!!!!!

  2. I was like damn your arm is hairy! lol I'm thinking about getting this palette since the colors are so pretty and I love smokey eyes but i'm not sure yet

    1. AAAAhahaha that is hilarious! I should've not told anyone it was the hubbies arm! That would've been hilarious! I was like you wondering if it would be worth it and thinking that I had a million colors like it...but I was wrong! You should at least swatch it at the store!