NYX Wicked Dreams Palette SWATCHES and REVIEW

Friday, May 31, 2013

I picked up the NYX Wicked Dreams Palette to use during Discount June. I honestly purchased it just for its amazing color range, not expecting the shadows to be any kind of quality. Well, I got waaaaaay more than I bargained for, because the shadows in this palette are so nicely pigmented and smooth. 
If you know anything about me and my relationship with drugstore cosmetics, you know I am not a fan. I would rather have less high-end products, than a bunch of drugstore products I never use. Having said all of that, I do love when I run into drugstore gems, like this palette, that slap me in the face for judging them. Let's get into swatching this pleasant surprise of a palette....

The color range in this palette is absolutely wonderful. You get 12 (very pigmented) matte shades, and 12 shimmery shades. I am very pleased to have such great matte eyeshadows, that actually show up, in one palette.  The shimmery shades are inconsistent in color pay off. The lighter of the shimmery shades are less pigmented than the darker ones. 

The shadows are swatched L to R starting from the top row.
 I am swatching on NW15 skin, with no primer underneath.

Top Row L to Right:

Middle Row L to R:
(As you can see, the lighter of the shimmery shades are a bit less pigmented, but great for highlighting)

Bottome Row L to R:

I have been using this palette for the last week to prepare for some upcoming tutorials. I am pleased to say, with a primer, the shadows last all day on lid with no fading. 

Price: 14.99

Should you get it: YES

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  1. I've really wanted to get this! It would be cool if you could do some tutorials on wearable looks with those vibrant dark colors like the purples and blues. I liked the last tut you did using this palette - I hope you do more for discount June!

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