WW | Feeling Useless Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Do you ever feel like all of a sudden the entire world is spinning around you, and you have no purpose...no plan for your life?

Don't worry...you're not alone.

Recently my husband and I made the HUGE move to Anchorage, and I was feeling super overwhelmed and stressed, but kept reminding myself that the Lord had a plan. I kept saying in my head "He knows what He is doing", but then in my spirit I was saying "Right?!". Surely God doesn't uproot your life completely, move you to basically another country, and not have a plan...right?! 

Even though I know that God promises us that He has a plan for our lives, it is hard to truly believe that when you are going through a major transition in your life. During these transitions such as a move, a job change, losing a family member, losing job, or whatever it may be, it is easy to let the world start spinning around us and get lost in the drama of it all. This is when we have to ask the Lord to place His hand on the spinning top of our lives, to make us stop and feel His peace and reassurance.

I had one of these reassuring moments the other day when my husband texted me to look outside.  He told me a pilot was drawing things with his jet stream! I ran outstide to see this amazing feat, and as I looked up I felt a huge childish smile crawl across my face. My hard shell of emotion started to melt away, and I felt the Lord giving me peace and reassuring me that He had everything under control. As small and silly as watching jet stream art may seem, it was a peace instilling moment for me. God knows that simple childish things make me feel complete, and full of joy! He knows His children inside and out, and will provide small moments like this for us to be reminded that He is standing right next to us.

I want to remind you of the passage Jeremiah 29:11 |  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God does have a plan for you! He promises us this. The plan may be small or big, but either way...He has a plan for you, and that plan will fulfill you and bring Him glory! Be encouraged today, and know that Jesus Christ loves you, and that His love is unfailing...even though we fail Him every single day. Now that is love my friends!

Game of Crowns | Vanassa Sebastian Interview

Monday, July 28, 2014

It is no secret that I LOVE reality TV! I am unashamed and unabashed of my obsession, and am so excited to be teamed up with Bravo TV to bring you all exclusive tid bits from the new show Game of Crowns

Recently, I got to interview one of my favorite cast members from the show, Vanassa Sebastian! Vanassa is not only a beauty queen with a huge personality, but she is an advocate for some amazing causes that include Make A Wish, Special Olympics, organizations that empower women (woot woot!), and many Breast Cancer Foundations. This girl is quite the inspiration!

Let's get down to the "hard-hitting" questions!

Describe your beauty routine in three words:

3p's : Planned, Precise and Perfect

Having lost my father to cancer, my outlook on life changed dramatically. I now see life as a precious and beautiful gift, and not something to just get through day to day. As a breast cancer survivor, how has your outlook on life changed?

Absolutely! Prior to my diagnosis my life was consumed with the end result. However, after my diagnosis, I learned that, it's not about the destination as much as it is about the journey. I learned not to take even the simplest of pleasures for granted,  and to be grateful for all of life's blessing. Sounds so philosophical but it's so true!! In a matter of seconds, my life was turned upside down and all the superficial name brand items that line the shelves of my closet became worthless. It definitely put things in perspective for me. Life instantly became more precious. Every moment means something. Now, I never waste the opportunity to tell someone I love them and I also don't waste my time on people who don't love me back.

I love that you are true to yourself no matter what drama is happening. Can you give some advice on how to remain loyal to yourself, no matter what others are saying?

Don't get me wrong it can be difficult at times especially when you are standing alone, but at the end of the day I can't compromise how I feel or what I believe in just to accepted or in the "popular girls club"....I just can't do it. I need to stay true to myself. This also means being accountable for my actions. It's my heart and soul that answers to a higher power and I need to know at the end of every day, that I was authentic, honest and true to myself and others. No one can ever fault you for that. Some may not want to hear it, some may end up disliking you for it,  but I'm a firm believer that you can't compromise who you are or what you believe in for anyone. Who wants to be known as a liar or fake, someone who is untrustworthy or dishonest? No one!....If you have confidence in yourself and know who you are, you have no problem keeping it real.

What is your number one reason for doing pageants?

Pageants challenge me in so many ways. Mentally, physically and psychologically. I'm inherently a competitive person so I definitely enjoy it. It also gives me a louder voice to promote my  platform / cause. Pageants give me a goal to work towards. My exercise and diet routine is on point when I compete.....what girl doesn't want to be in the best shape of her life??

What is the most shocking thing that you have witnessed and/or heard happen backstage at a pageant?

I've heard stories of dresses getting damaged, heels being broken and clothing going missing. However, in Mrs Pageants, I don't think that happens. I've never had another Mrs. Contestant take it that far. There are mind games involved...it's psychological warfare in the Mrs division. For example, a fellow contestant asking you if your ok because you look so bloated or puffy? Lol

However, if you focus on yourself and be the best version of you, there's no need to engage....Just ignore.

What is the craziest thing you have done in a pageant, whether it be backstage, or for your talent portion?

I've never done anything crazy especially to another contestant. However, I can share a funny story that occurred while I was competing at Mrs America. During our opening number dance, I fell off stage!! Yes!! One minute I was there, the next minute I was gone. I fell off stage, dusted my shoulders off and went right back at it. It was like magic and some spectators, with the exception of my family, never noticed. Lol....I still placed Top 10 :)

What is your number one tip for ladies out there who want to participate in their first Mrs. pageant?

It will be one of the best experiences of your life. Pageants are very insightful. However, you really have to know why you want to compete. What is it that motivates you? What is your ultimate goal? It can't be to just win a sparkly crown. There needs to be more to it....otherwise, you set yourself up for failure.

Everyone wants to make a difference and I always say it's amazing what a little bit of bling can bring. Pageantry gives you a louder voice. It allows you to reach a larger audience.  It's a phenomenal opportunity to inspire other peoples to be the best that they can be and encourage others to get out there and make a difference.

Thank you to Vanassa for answering my questions, and being so entertaining! Heck I think Vanassa has inspired me to compete in Mrs. Alaska!

If you guys haven't already checked out Game of Crowns on Bravo, you need to...trust me! It airs TONIGHT at 10/9C! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and live Tweet the show with me.