WW | Put Your Trust In The Right Place Psalm 118:8

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do you ever feel like once your focus shifts on your physical surroundings, you lose hope? I have been wondering why I have been in this weird funk these past couple of weeks, and I feel like it has become crystal clear to me where it was coming from, and how I was contributing to it.

Besides battling daily chronic pain, and just never feeling fully healthy, I also tend to fall in a pit of negativity quite easily. I am I alone in this? I don't think I am, so that is why I am sharing this personal revelation with you all.

I realized the other day that I was fully relying, and trusting in myself, to get through each day. I was focusing what I didn't have, rather than what I did have. As cliche as it sounds, when you start thinking of all the things  you don't have...your mood can really head south. All the things I don't have, such as health, the energy of a normal girl in her twenties, a house, and just a permanent place to call home, were really crashing down on me.  I allowed myself to get caught up in what I felt I was "lacking", and it really took a toll on my spirit. So literally two days ago, I felt I had a breakthrough,and shattered all the sadness stemming from my attitude.

I simply realized I was putting my trust in myself...what I physically had, and what I physically did not have.

I feel like today's verse isn't just about not putting your trust in your fellow man, but also about not putting your trust in yourself. As a believer, and a Christ follower, I can tell you there is a HUGE difference in quality of life when I put my sole trust in the Lord, and not in myself. I am not perfect, and I am still learning at 25 years old, that I will fail myself. The love of Christ is unfailing, and I don't know why as believers, we tend to forget that. It's like "Oh I am having a bad day, I suck at life...how could God love me?!"... He loves you through all of that silliness, and I can assure you He will love you through all of your future silliness.

So when you're feeling let down, ask yourself this one question:
"Who am I putting my trust in today?".
Because if you're putting your trust in the Lord, you will feel lighter, and completely free from the stresses of what you do and don't have.

Thank you all for your support and constant love! It means the world to me! I hope this post encourages you, and helps lighten your load a little:) Remember, Jesus loves you!


  1. I think there is no greater disappointment than when we fail ourselves. God is not so easily disappointed in us, He knows we are but dust. Beating ourselves up only makes us feel worse. You, my daughter are never a disappointment to me. I am so proud of you & i learn so much from your honesty. I love you :)

    1. Again, you make a great point Madre! Love you so much!

  2. What a beautiful message Mallory! The day before you posted this, you mentioned you were not feeling well, it made me sad. The first thing that came to mind was "Put It On His Plate!", you know, like people say "put it on my tab!!". I can't remember where I heard it, not sure if it was an SNL skit or a Seinfeld thing, but it made me smile. You are such a blessing, and love all this goodness you are putting out into the world! Love you my friend! Can I just say how much of you is all over this blog, WHOA, that's a whole lot of Mallory ALL over this site, scrolling through, you KNOW this is www.Mallory1712.com and I LOVE IT, you sweet thing!! -love me, you know who I am (wink wink)

  3. it's always such a blessing to find a fellow Christian blogger out there! :) I watch your youtube videos and later found out you're a Christian too!

    your post today is also very encouraging. thank you for sharing!