WW | You Will Have Tribulation

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Today's WW is all about making it through whatever we have to go through emotionally, physically, and mentally in life, and not adding the very evident pressure of "I should be happy every single day because ___ (fill in the blank)".

  Despite popular belief, every day is NOT a Friday, and I don't think that is a very manageable expectation for our lives.

 I was recently at the store, and saw shelves full of "Christian" self help books that made me shake my head and sigh. It almost made me plain upset because, just like the complaint that magazines cause body image issues, I truly believe these sort of books cause "life image" issues. I mean let's be honest...sometimes life sucks, and we have to go through trials. Trials are not called "weekends" or "birthday parties" for a reason. Trials serve a purpose, and that purpose is to mold us, and make us stronger individuals. 

We must go through hard times, and life altering moments, to sharpen and make us a better version of ourselves.

I really believe as "Christians" or "believers", there is this expectation to always have a smile on our face, and a skip in our step, because after all...we have faith. Too bad King David, or even Job aren't here to tell you about all the times they didn't have a smile on their face.

Now this post isn't just to complain, or to whine. It is to take the burden of these ridiculous expectations off of your shoulders. I mean hey...you might just be having a bad day today, and that is OK! 

The verse above really hit home with me, because even when we cast our cares upon the Lord, sometimes we still struggle with whatever we are going through. I don't believe God is here to wave His magic wand once we surrender our burdens to Him, and just make all the bad disappear. In fact, I believe the verse above means that once we give Him our worries, He walks with us through that trial so we learn, and become better for ourselves and others. Who doesn't want to become better each day? If that requires some testing, I feel that we should surrender all, and say, so be it! Even if it doesn't tickle our fancy!

The verse says the Lord will sustain us. The word sustain means to strengthen or support physically or mentally. So if you are feeling guilty because of your sadness or anger through a trial...please know that you are NOT sinning. You are also NOT disappointing God because your days don't consist of sequential Fridays. He is here to sustain us through trials and tribulations, and knows that these times of trouble won't make us smile, but they will make us stronger so we can smile once we make it through.

I know this post will step on some toes, but I also know it will relieve a lot of us (myself included) of the pressure to have perfect, happy go lucky lives. I will leave you all with this verse...

John 16:33 I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world


  1. Wow. Thank you. I so agree! The fluffy, super christian act gets so tiring. Being a Christian isn't about seeing how happy God can make us. It is about leaning on a real God, because we simply can not make it without Him. You are so right about the body image magazines everyone loves to complain about. It is more dangerous to pick up a so called christian self help book. " Take heart, I have overcome the world." That says it all.

    1. Absolutely agree 100%!!!! This fluff Christianity is just ridiculous, and puts way too much pressure on everyone to be happy go lucky or God won't be happy with you...gets on my nerves haha!

  2. This is just what I needed to hear this morning. I am soooooo tired of trying to act like I am happy all the time when I am not- in fear of being judged as "faithless" or "in sin" by the "church". Life is hard and full of disappointment and yes some people handle it better than others but does that mean I am "less than"? If life was as wonderful as we pretend it is then we wouldn't need Jesus. I am glad I need Jesus and that he loves me in all of my glorious mess. Thank you Mallory for being real-that's what we crave-real people-real answers-real love. Love you!!

    1. I am so glad it blessed you Aunt Terri! Me too! Preach it lol!!! You are definitely NOT less than, and the fact that this new age movement makes people feel less than when they aren't constantly having the best day of their life, makes me SO mad. I love you so much, you best Aunt ever, and I hope you know you are cherished, and you are enough.